Blazers please!!

I don’t know about you …  but for me BLAZERS ARE MY LIFE!!! I love how they go with everything: whether it’s something ordinary or something completely fabulous!! But sometimes it seems very hard to find them in shops.

Whenever i’m out shopping  and i have my mind set on a great blazer or jacket, it always takes me SO long to find the perfect one with the perfect fit: not too long on the arms or on the shoulder … but just right!! So for or you crazy Blazer lovers, im her to help!!!

Quarter length sleeved BLAZERS:

INFO: Single-button closure.

Faux welt pockets.

Three-quarter sleeves.

Back vent.

Approx. length from shoulder: 29″.

Fully lined.

Sizes: 2,4,6,8,10

for only: £70   From : NORDSTORM

INFO: Single botton closure

Mock welt pockets in the front.

QuiteLong sleeves.

Padded shoulders.

Back vent.

Pinstriped lining.


For only £28 From: Forever 21


INFO: Cropped hem in back and longer hemline in front.

Notched collar with no closure.

Two mock welt pockets near waist.

One mock pocket near chest.

Long sleeves with three buttons at each wrist.

Fully lined.

Medium weight. 

Comes in both Black and beige.

For: £20 From:  Forever 21

Here are some from FOREVER 21:

Here are a few from Republic:

Here are some form Top Shop:

Here are other blazer websites:

River Island

Uni Qlo



ENjoy and have a FabyTaby Blazer day 🙂


Mix and match outfits from your VERY OWN WARDROBE!!

Have you given too many clothes to charity and now have no more? No matter!!

You may be thinking: OMG what am i going to do with just a few clothes in a nearly empty wardrobe!!

Well actually you can do quite alot!! Bring all of your clothes out of the wardrobe and pair each set of clothing to several different outfits. You will be amazed by how many extra outfits you can produce!!

Here’s what you can do with a denim jacket:

DENIM JACKET + MAXI DRESS (or any dress at all) = MY LIFE

Playsuits to go with Denim:

The ‘Soul Cal Deluxe Bird Aztec Playsuit’. A beautiful playsuit from republic for only £24.00.


Crafted Mullet Maxi Dress for an amazing

or for the evening/ casual look:

Club L Warp Maxi Dress for


The amazing ‘Soul Cal Deluxe Ditsy Denim Jacket’ for only


Miso Weave Pouch Bag for

Check out for even more clothing.

Here’s what you can do with a pair of coloured jeans:

Tops to go with these great jeans:

Soul Cal Deluxe USA Flag Shirt for only


Miso Zip Back Lace Top
NOW only £10.00 (was £25.00)

or go for a blue or white :

Soul Cal Deluxe Slash Neck Sweater for


Do you have a hair do or a hair don’t?

We all have our bad hair days, maybe even bad hair weeks! But you can always fix it somehow. It maybe the overdose of conditioner or the painful hour of brushing your hair, but you can always sought it out. Hopefully your hair days will be kept secret or personal …. but unfortunately others may not be able to have that luxury.

Take Christina Aguilera effort (in 2000) her ridiculous snake like sculpture that has been plastered onto her head draws our eyes away from her glimmering face – shame because id’e rather not look at the animalistic creature.Sorry Christina but we simply can’t let her off that Medusa-esque effort.


But it’s ok because if you have a look like this, and have had a sudden urge of panick … it can be fixed, but if you like the look feel free to keep it how it is …

How to FIX:

– Untie each plat and take out each knot,tangle and fill each bald patch on your head …. BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH.

– Next, if you still want a similar look collect  a selection of hair to the sides of your parting and braid them untill it’s long enough to connect at the back of your head. Twist the two plats together then clip them to your head:



Or  embraced the soft elegance of the side braid or partial braid.

Or you could buy an already braided band an put it onto your head ( remember to cover the end of the band with your hair) :

Other braided hair styles:

Kristen Stewart:

Blake Lively:

These are the new looks of 2012. So join in with the fashion feista, not with the crazies!!


I recommend these videos to show you how to do a fishtail plat!! :