12 signs of the zodiac: Fashion & life = ARIES



‘A Good Year is predicted for you with the pace of improvements picking up in the second half of the year. A year of profit and good health is predicted for you except for some minor skin aliments. Eligible Aries individuals will get married this year. This highlights the importance of relations with people this year. All the achievements, both at work and in love are possible only in cooperation. Do not be egoists, as only relying upon intimate friends gives an opportunity to gain much and to lose nothing.

Family life will be good for most part of the year. Minor domestic problems and tensions will occur after July. You will see many problems getting solved on their own, in the first half of the year. However unnecessary quarrels and confrontation should be avoided in the second half.

Lonely people and those disappointed in family life are likely to have a new romance that will most certainly end by marriage.If in the first half of the year your emotions,  pride and vanity will be concerned, in the second half the question of practical things will be touched.’



‘Your fashion mirrors your personality; easy going, uncomplicated, fun, functional and easy to interchange. Are you standing in front of the closet for two hours trying to pick out an outfit? It’s doubtful! You like clothes that fit snugly, like tight tops and slacks, which you like because they are ‘quick and efficient.’When picking a special outfit, aim to create a lasting impression by choosing something that allows you to stand apart and hold the attention of everyone in attendance.’


Keira Knightley. Your very own Aries.


Mariah Carey – Yours Sincerly Aries


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Her Passion for fashion .. more on Emma Robert’s Style!


Once again Emma Brings such an essence to the streets with her multi designer (made high street) look.








Here Emma Roberts stars in the halerious movie 'Wild Child' representing a snobby Malibu princess. Even though her personality may not be up to scratch, her style certainly is! The bags she used in the scene above were the Gucci Indy and the colorful Louis Vuitton multicolore Speedy.


Fashion goes East

Today is day four of the London Fashion week, and fashion has seem to gone east. Peter Pilotto, Christopher Kane and Erdem were among the designers whose collections featured on day four (today) of London fashion week autumn/winter 2012. These fashion designers seem to have taken the Chinese and Japanese culture and springled it into there beautiful designs.

Peter Pilotto:

Peter Pilotto’s show at the Topshop venue was complete with plenty of his signature bold graphics and prints to keep his growing army of fans smiling in their seats. He put on a strong show and managed to capture the modern essence of the east.

https://i2.wp.com/static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/2/20/1329752548294/The-Peter-Pilotto-show-at-002.jpg https://i2.wp.com/static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/2/20/1329752545195/Multiple-exposure-of-mode-001.jpg https://i2.wp.com/static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/2/20/1329752556854/The-Peter-Pilotto-AutumnW-005.jpg

Photo credit to ‘the guardian’.

Christopher Kane:

Christopher Kane’s catwalk performance commenced on a lilac carpet that brought out the colours of his design.He started with a parade of black and white pin striped outfits and continued with anorak shapes, cable knit polo jumpers that contrasted with floral embroidered skirts made for a tough look. He used bright bold colours and outfits that told a story of there own such as below where a police officer (cop) seeks out a gay serial killer among seedy New York clubs.




His show started with coated leather and tweed dresses. Ederm’s signature floral prints and lace were beautiful, fun and present.


His coated A-line leather skirt in ink blue – a shape that is proving popular this season, was very well executed:



The most amazing scene is to come. Snow was created for the Burberry catwalk:

The guardian writes ‘When the Burberry catwalk show finale began to a crack of thunder, and a simulated rainstorm sent water streaming down all sides of the vast transparent marquee while the audience watched from within, it was a fitting end to a show in which Burberry re-established an emotional warmth lacking in some recent seasons




To be the next ALEXANDER MQUEEEN..

How to make your own shirt ..

Have you ever wanted to be creative and spontaneously create a t-shirt? Yes? well it is really not that hard. If you want to be the next Alexander Mcqueen, you have to start somewhere so how bout starting here…

First: Choose a shirt pattern you like. Make sure you acknowledge the cut of the shirt, and to colour or photo design.

https://i0.wp.com/t-shirt-template.com/wp-content/designs/images/V-Neck-template-women-b40.jpg So for example: i like this v neck template and i want my t shirt to be a a plain white silk t-shirt. So after knowing what you want, it’s time to move on .. 

Second: For the next step choose your fabric that your going to use for your shirt. If you want a shirt with out buttons you generally need fabrics that stretch. But i’m going for silk as i want an evening shirt. But cotton and lightweight denim work well for casual shirts.                 https://i1.wp.com/images2.layoutsparks.com/1/204095/white-pagan-wolf-silk.gif

Third: Pick out thread that matches the fabric, as well as any other needed materials: buttons(if wanted), fusible interfacing or elastic.https://i1.wp.com/www.jewelleryonline.co.nz/images/P/p-3483.jpg

Forth: Using a template ( if you want) cut out the size of material needed and shape/pattern. Remember to measure your torso sizes and arm sizes to make it as accurate as possible.

Fith: Smooth out the patterns. To make the cut and patterns more accurate.

Sixth: Pin the cut outs together to get the overall feeling of the shirt. If you have created a pattern pin that on to the material to.

Seventh: Follow the template below to cut and sew the pieces together. Remember to measure your body.


Eighth: Add button holes if needed. Sew the buttons on by hand, making sure to line them up with the button holes.

CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE MADE YOUR VERY OWN SHIRT, and i’m quite proud of mine so you should be too!

Because mine was dedicated for the evening the silk shirt goes perfectly with a body con skirt or a pencil skirt:

just like Mary Kate olsen (but homemade 🙂 )


and how bout with a pair of shorts for the day:

Just like Miranda Kerr:


Use caution when working with scissors, pins, irons and sewing machine !

So go put on that top and strut your stuff !

Travel with Style

On the plane:

Tips on how to travel comfortably:

– Loose clothing is the best

– If you going to a hot country and you depart in a cold country, carry a pair of shorts, sunglasses and suncream so you fully prepared. SO if you depart from a hot place and intend to arrive in a cold are prepare jumpers,boots, hats and gloves 🙂 

– Make shore you are dressed for the occasion, or if you want to travel in a mess or PJ’s have something prepared so you can pull it out of your bag.

– Travel light weight and go for a chic girly look which is functional.

Photos and style ideas (summer):

white lace crop top
white lace crop top
http://www.hottopic.com $29.99


Lace up heels
Lace up heels – Next

and if you preferre a more comfortable approach – shoe wise- try these:

converses – the comfortable way to travel

Here is someone with almost the same look :Nicki hilton (below ).

nicki hilton
nicki hilton

Photos and style ideas (winter):


Selena Gomez:

has created an edgy, rocker look with a:

  • Button down navy vest (from forever 21 )
  • A black ‘tiger tail’ jump suit (from urban outfitters )
  • Black jeans . “Morgan Low-Rise Skinny” in Ink Rinse ( from Delias )
  • Black Shoes. “Crucial” bootie in Black Suede ( from Zappos )
This is a great look from great shops. TEEN FASHION )

Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj is known for her Lady Gaga like outfit and regular change of wigs!! But what you don’t usually see is her normal clothes  … or her PINK MONKEY 🙂
The Turquoise leggings go really well with the … interesting pair of pink heels she is wearing. Then to frame her look she wears a lovely black furry jacket to shape the outfit.
Nicki minaj was spotted walking the streets of NY.


    Leggings are available at :            –Asos for £2.00 ( there tights but look the same).
                                                              –Proper Clobbler for £11.50 
                                                              – Something rebellious for $28
    Pink High Heels are available at:      – SoYouShoes for £32.00
                                                                     – A website were you can buy cheap Louboutins :
                                                                     Christain Louboutin heels for (SALE ) $160.00 – (original Price $1080)
                                                                     – Ioffer
    Black Coat :                                            – Pop Fur (Black Rabbit fur) for : $199
                                                                   – Faux Fur from Asos
                                                                   – and more from Next
   and finally:                                         THE PINK MONKEY!! :                – Webtots for $17.99
Nicki as a NINJA 🙂 I love the dress and
how it really shows you the true beauty of fashion!

To conclude this NY rapper/singer is VERY unique and influences a lot of young people with her style and music.

If you don’t believe me how about you check out this clip 🙂

Thanks for viewing if you have any comments or suggestions please comment.