Eye Make – Up

Mix loose silver glitter shaker pot £3.99 barym.co.uk with glitter glue £4.95 Ben Nye and dust over eyelids with small shadow brush, focusing glitter on the outer corner of the lid.

Rim you reyes with soft Eye liner pencil in black £15 clarins.co.uk. Fade the pencil with a brush and get smoking with a matte black eyeshadow, brushed up to the crease ( leave the middle the middle lid untouched). Apply Gold star £1.75 glitterstore.co.uk. Fatten your top lash with a set of falsies - here we used 36 Lash £10 maccosmetics.co.uk.

Draw a winged shape with eyeliner stylo in blue bayou £18.50 narscosmetics.co.uk. Mix Loose glitter in P11 £6.50 Fardel into sealing Gel £10 . 50 illamasqua.com and paint on with a brush. Add some mascara to volumise your eyes.

Start with a smoky eye basic then blend emerald green eyeshadow. Mix pro glitter in tourqoise £15.50 maccosmetics with Tiny Hexagon glitter in green £8.99 beautiesfactories.co.uk. Dust over the corners with a brush dipped in mixing meduim gel £13. Do the same with the gold glitter.

Other eye make up styles:

Black and gold smoked out cats eye

winged up aqua green pencil

Black charcoal shadow over the lids

OR you can go for a more natural look …. :



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