12 signs of the zodiac: Fashion & life = ARIES



‘A Good Year is predicted for you with the pace of improvements picking up in the second half of the year. A year of profit and good health is predicted for you except for some minor skin aliments. Eligible Aries individuals will get married this year. This highlights the importance of relations with people this year. All the achievements, both at work and in love are possible only in cooperation. Do not be egoists, as only relying upon intimate friends gives an opportunity to gain much and to lose nothing.

Family life will be good for most part of the year. Minor domestic problems and tensions will occur after July. You will see many problems getting solved on their own, in the first half of the year. However unnecessary quarrels and confrontation should be avoided in the second half.

Lonely people and those disappointed in family life are likely to have a new romance that will most certainly end by marriage.If in the first half of the year your emotions,  pride and vanity will be concerned, in the second half the question of practical things will be touched.’



‘Your fashion mirrors your personality; easy going, uncomplicated, fun, functional and easy to interchange. Are you standing in front of the closet for two hours trying to pick out an outfit? It’s doubtful! You like clothes that fit snugly, like tight tops and slacks, which you like because they are ‘quick and efficient.’When picking a special outfit, aim to create a lasting impression by choosing something that allows you to stand apart and hold the attention of everyone in attendance.’


Keira Knightley. Your very own Aries.


Mariah Carey – Yours Sincerly Aries


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