To be the next ALEXANDER MQUEEEN..

How to make your own shirt ..

Have you ever wanted to be creative and spontaneously create a t-shirt? Yes? well it is really not that hard. If you want to be the next Alexander Mcqueen, you have to start somewhere so how bout starting here…

First: Choose a shirt pattern you like. Make sure you acknowledge the cut of the shirt, and to colour or photo design. So for example: i like this v neck template and i want my t shirt to be a a plain white silk t-shirt. So after knowing what you want, it’s time to move on .. 

Second: For the next step choose your fabric that your going to use for your shirt. If you want a shirt with out buttons you generally need fabrics that stretch. But i’m going for silk as i want an evening shirt. But cotton and lightweight denim work well for casual shirts.       

Third: Pick out thread that matches the fabric, as well as any other needed materials: buttons(if wanted), fusible interfacing or elastic.

Forth: Using a template ( if you want) cut out the size of material needed and shape/pattern. Remember to measure your torso sizes and arm sizes to make it as accurate as possible.

Fith: Smooth out the patterns. To make the cut and patterns more accurate.

Sixth: Pin the cut outs together to get the overall feeling of the shirt. If you have created a pattern pin that on to the material to.

Seventh: Follow the template below to cut and sew the pieces together. Remember to measure your body.

Eighth: Add button holes if needed. Sew the buttons on by hand, making sure to line them up with the button holes.

CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE MADE YOUR VERY OWN SHIRT, and i’m quite proud of mine so you should be too!

Because mine was dedicated for the evening the silk shirt goes perfectly with a body con skirt or a pencil skirt:

just like Mary Kate olsen (but homemade 🙂 )

and how bout with a pair of shorts for the day:

Just like Miranda Kerr:

Use caution when working with scissors, pins, irons and sewing machine !

So go put on that top and strut your stuff !

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