Travel with Style

On the plane:

Tips on how to travel comfortably:

– Loose clothing is the best

– If you going to a hot country and you depart in a cold country, carry a pair of shorts, sunglasses and suncream so you fully prepared. SO if you depart from a hot place and intend to arrive in a cold are prepare jumpers,boots, hats and gloves 🙂 

– Make shore you are dressed for the occasion, or if you want to travel in a mess or PJ’s have something prepared so you can pull it out of your bag.

– Travel light weight and go for a chic girly look which is functional.

Photos and style ideas (summer):

white lace crop top
white lace crop top   $29.99


Lace up heels
Lace up heels – Next

and if you preferre a more comfortable approach – shoe wise- try these:

converses – the comfortable way to travel

Here is someone with almost the same look :Nicki hilton (below ).

nicki hilton
nicki hilton

Photos and style ideas (winter):

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