Selena Gomez:

has created an edgy, rocker look with a:

  • Button down navy vest (from forever 21 )
  • A black ‘tiger tail’ jump suit (from urban outfitters )
  • Black jeans . “Morgan Low-Rise Skinny” in Ink Rinse ( from Delias )
  • Black Shoes. “Crucial” bootie in Black Suede ( from Zappos )
This is a great look from great shops. TEEN FASHION )

Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj is known for her Lady Gaga like outfit and regular change of wigs!! But what you don’t usually see is her normal clothes  … or her PINK MONKEY 🙂
The Turquoise leggings go really well with the … interesting pair of pink heels she is wearing. Then to frame her look she wears a lovely black furry jacket to shape the outfit.
Nicki minaj was spotted walking the streets of NY.

    Leggings are available at :            –Asos for £2.00 ( there tights but look the same).
                                                              –Proper Clobbler for £11.50 
                                                              – Something rebellious for $28
    Pink High Heels are available at:      – SoYouShoes for £32.00
                                                                     – A website were you can buy cheap Louboutins :
                                                                     Christain Louboutin heels for (SALE ) $160.00 – (original Price $1080)
                                                                     – Ioffer
    Black Coat :                                            – Pop Fur (Black Rabbit fur) for : $199
                                                                   – Faux Fur from Asos
                                                                   – and more from Next
   and finally:                                         THE PINK MONKEY!! :                – Webtots for $17.99
Nicki as a NINJA 🙂 I love the dress and
how it really shows you the true beauty of fashion!

To conclude this NY rapper/singer is VERY unique and influences a lot of young people with her style and music.

If you don’t believe me how about you check out this clip 🙂

Thanks for viewing if you have any comments or suggestions please comment.

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    • Tia says:

      Hey Lanafdaisy,
      What a great blog! I love what you did with your hair: (the braiding) it was great seeing it done on you because shortly ago i did a post on braids 🙂
      I think you should defo keep at your blog and hopefully you will do well!!
      Thanks for checking out my blog, i love yours!! Please spread the word about my Blog and ill do the same with yours.
      Enjoy wordpress 🙂

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