Mona – Vie

Before this post i was providing you with posts on Fashion, but not today. Today i want to talk to you about my personal favorite drink … EVER: Mona Vie.
If you are thinking about drinking the most delicious combination of both fruit and smoothie with a sprinkle of health, I thoroughly suggest you try Mona- Vie! Mona-Vie provides you with an exquisite taste while at the same time boosting your immune system. Mona Vie is able to do so many things according to different bottles and your age. For example: one of the bottle types offer you a nutritious fusion of Acai Berries – one of the top super fruits – and 18 other beneficial fruits. The bottle has been cleverly designed allowing the bottle to look elegant whilst containing a very special – non alcoholic – drink! Crazy I Know. So why don’t you go and try Mona Vie and take part in this mouth watering experience but most of all … enjoy!!


Check out
Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

One comment on “Mona – Vie

  1. EPJ says:

    With all those anti oxidants in one glass, it will make you feel as funky as the boots in the photo!!

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