The Harrods way of style.

HARRODS. What do we know about Harrods?


  1.  It’s a world famous and international store, that  sells millions of products a year.
  2. It’s a definite London Tourist attractions  
  3. The products they sell are good, but how good?

As I walked into Harrods I was shocked but how generally awesome their clothes were but some of them were a tad on the expensive side!!


The Fur Coats. Wow. There's so much to say!! for one: caressing these Fur Coats makes your fingers tingle because they are so unbearable soft, and such good quality!! But the only bad thing is that they are real fur which is horrible if you think about it!Easy to re-create:I love the outfit on the left. I love the simplicity and elegance in this look. I find it's also great how you can create this outfit in a really cheap way: grab an orange, too big for you, shirt. Button it down to almost the bottom but leave around three unbuttoned then tie them up, together. Then pick out an ankle length skirt that is flowy and sophisticated 🙂

  I think this look is perfect for the summer and  think the elegant look once again some how looks really lovely!

The Glitter and Glam:

The expensive:

Such a beautiful leather jacket, thats bright red's insides begs me to buy it!! Shame about the price!: £2850!!

Baby Gucci, cute & beautiful .. but expensive once again:

Look at these outfits!! I love them but do you?? xx

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