The Casual Look.

Now this look is a complete mash up. The high heels are from the amazing Christian Louboutin.The Top is a cut up baggy top from a ‘Fijian’ Market and the denimn shorts and black tights are from

Next for £20. To create this look all you have to do is:

– Cut up your top :  This top was origanally sleeved and horrendous, so all you do is cut off the sleeves and cut a big oval off the neck whole to let the top hang comfortably.

– Then put on the black tights and Denimn shorts then tuck in the back top (if you want) to make the top look slimmer around the waist.

– Lastly top the look of with whatever fabulous and completly mad heels you chose for your occasion.

Abit Of Fun 🙂



I love this look along with …

many more i shall post sooooooon.

Enjoy and Keep up to date for even ‘jammier’ looks :)!!!

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