2011 – to – 2012


For 2012 i predict a great year but what did you think about 2011?

For fashion i think 2011 provided The Fashion industry with fab opportunity and times.

For example:  – This spring there were  more pretty, flattering spring styles on the Fashion Week runways this season than we can count ( as i have shown in my london fashion week page).

Click here to veiw a ‘Glamour’ video.


was graced with these amazing dresses ( designer: Alexander McQueen ):


Kate Middleton's dress!!


Pippa Middleton's Dress; the one that is still being talked about!

The After Party:


In My opinion I prefere Pippa's Dress because although Kate's Dress Looks so lovely the cardigan looks as if it belongs to a 10 year old.



but there were also disasters when it comes to dresses at the royal wedding:


Princess Beatrice and her ... 'hat'


The Famous Tara P-T. Both Beatrice and Tara seem to have a love for gross hats.

More to come on the famous movie’s such as Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter and more and all there fashion trends: hits and misses!!

2 comments on “2011 – to – 2012

  1. Jemma Lison says:

    Wow, this blog is getting better & better. I live it when you review what celebs are wearing and tell me where to buy it in the UK. Maybe you should get a board at pinterest.com with your favs & link back. Also my friend (who is 22) wants to see direct links to the shopping sites. It makes it so much easier when you tell us what’s cool on what celebs and where we can buy it. Thanks for all your work. Jem

    • Tia says:

      Thank you so much. I’m Glad you enjoyed my Blog. I will defiantly consider everything you said and i am very happy to apply your thoughts to my blog. Thank you 🙂

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